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2021 Fairfield County Marbles Tournament, Cancelled

National Marbles Tournament

The National Marbles Tournament was first held in 1922.  The national committee operates the tournament which is composed of a group of volunteer men & women from various walks of life, from around the country that have a common interest in the game of marbles.  National Marbles Tournament Inc. is a Non-Profit organization under US tax code 501(c)(3).

These games help teach boys and girls 7 thru 14 how to compete in the skilled game of “Ringer”.  Our competitors are also taught good sportsmanship. Our winners will meet with other city, county or state tournament winners from around the United States who will all converge in Wildwood for a week of serious marble competition and fun on amusement rides and boardwalk attractions.  Top winners at the National Tournament will receive scholarships for games won and also awards for good sportsmanship.

Anyone interested in donating to fund the MIBSTER Tournament please use our donation form.

2021 Marbles Tournament Update

All Training Sessions for 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to COVID-19 virus.  Stay tuned for dates when sessions can resume for 2022.   

We were informed by the National Marbles Tournament Board on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, that this year's tournament was cancelled.  To quote from the announcement, "The safety of all players, coaches, chaperones and members of their extended marble family is our utmost priority." 

A virtual tournament during the week of June 21-24 is being planned.  Watch for more details in the next couple weeks.  In the meantime, please practice at home.

Let's hope we can all meet locally for practice in 2022.



National Tournament 2019 Participants

OGM - Fairfield Co. Marbles Tournament was held indoors at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds on Saturday, May 11th, 2019.  This year's champions were Lance McClellan and Sydney McClellan.   They will compete in the 96th Annual National Marbles Tournament to be held in Wildwood, NJ June 17 thru 20, 2019.



2018 OGM Fairfield County, OH Girl's Marbles Champion - Sydney McClellan
2019 OGM Fairfield County, OH Girl Marbles Champion - Sydney McClellan
2019 OGM Fairfield Co, OH Boy Marbles Champion - Lance McClellan
2019 OGM Fairfield Co, OH Boy Marbles Champion - Lance McClellan
2019 Girl Mibsters
2019 Girl Mibsters
2019 Boy Mibsters
2019 Boy Mibsters